Owetech, employs some of the most experienced and talented service technicians in the world. These technicians are trained to perform professional for various oil rig setups. Our service network extends throughout the United States, Egypt, the UAE, Russia and mainland China. We service a number of oil and gas fields in these countries where we provide on-site installation, commissioning, maintenance and training. Our training services include theoretical courses, actual operation instruction and maintenance training. We also provide warranty service within a certain period and paid technical service after that period expires.

The Owetech staff includes a professional team of drilling engineers that have years of experience with oil drilling and drilling equipment. Owetech works with young drillers studying in colleges and universities to prepare them for future oil extraction. Our team members all have strong English communication skills and academic drilling knowledge in addition to their practical skills that come from their experience.

Beginning in June 2006, Owetech established a partnership with Nabors, an American drilling company. Nabors conducted a systematic training program to help our engineers learn English and more about the drilling process. After this training, these team members were sent to Oman to provide drilling services for one year. During this period, we successfully drilled more than 10 wells and handled a variety of complex situations. In May of 2009, the Owetech drilling team was invited by the Indian company Shiv-Vani to assist them in their drilling operation. During this project, we were able to employ modern drilling equipment such as the top drive drilling system and iron roughneck, effectively saving drilling time and providing significant cost savings.

Service Options
1.Technical support for drilling equipment
We offer high-precision comprehensive technical support and solutions, and answer all questions about your drilling machines.

2. Repair and maintenance of drilling equipment
No matter what kind of operating mode it is, our professional engineers respond swiftly, solving problems in a timely manner.

3. Upgrading of drilling equipment
We can take your equipment and significantly improve its efficiency and stable performance. From translation devices to five-cylinder pumps, Owetech provides various upgrading plans for drilling machines.

4. On-site installation and trial run of drilling machines
In order to get the most out of your machine, our engineers will perform on-site installation that guarantees that it is done properly and the machine will run as intended.

5. Drilling machine parts
We maintain an inventory of spare parts that can be sent to you in a relatively short time in order to keep your equipment running.

6. Drilling machine training
We perform comprehensive training for all of our drilling machine products. We will show you how to use our machines and how to keep them properly maintained in order to greatly extend their working lifetime.

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