As a globally oriented manufacturer and provider of petroleum engineering solutions, Owetech Petroleum technology employs many experts that are committed to the design, development, assembly and marketing of oil drilling equipment and other oil related products. Our products include drilling equipment, such as truck-mounted drilling rigs, skid-mounted drilling rigs and other rig components. We also produce drill string components like drill pipes, drill collars, casing pipes, drill pipe tools and wellhole equipment. We owe our success to the advantages of resource integration, product design, manufacturing ability and quality assurance. Because of these advantages, Owetech is the ideal partner petroleum equipment distributors and oil development projects.

1.Resource integration (supplier resource integration)

Owetech integrates our established manufacturing abilities and resources with those of our customers in order to form partnerships that create new and innovative oil equipment. We work hard to create the most complete and cost-effective products in the shortest possible time. Owetech maintains long-term strategic partnerships with many domestic oil equipment companies.

2. Product design and development

We have the experience and resources to assist customers in the designing and developing of large-scale extraction equipment. We believe that working together is the best way to produce high quality machinery because we are combining our manufacturing expertise with the knowledge and experience of actual oil extractors, creating greater value.

3. Manufacturability

Owetech operates manufacturing facilities that utilize the best available domestic and international production technology. We employ some of the most advanced welding equipment and welding technology in the world in order to create strong and beautiful equipment.

The introduction of large-scale CNC cutting equipment, CNC boring and milling machining centers and other specialty equipment, ensure consistent dimensional accuracy when producing our equipment. This is especially important because we are dealing with an industry which has high precision requirements. The shot blasting process helps prevent structural fatigue and deformation caused by physical stress on our parts. Our large indoor paint drying production line is completely climate controlled and produces consistent high quality coats.

4. Quality monitoring

The strict quality management system that is employed by Owetech is one of our greatest strengths. We conduct independent quality inspections using an internal department which employs comprehensive testing methods to ensure that each stage of production is performed up to the high standards on which our company prides itself. Everything from raw materials procurement, blank manufacturing and final assembly are closely monitored to guarantee a 100% qualified product rate. Owetech has obtained quality management and product certificates such as, ISO, HSE and API.

5. Trial operation of large equipment

Another one of our main strengths as a manufacturer is our confidence in our products. After the equipment is fully assembled, our engineers install the machinery at the test site and qualified products are then packed and shipped.

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