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Designed to meet customer needs for oil drilling, water and construction projects, our truck-mounted drilling rigs are produced in five models that you can choose from. These five trailer mounted drilling rigs have a 350-1000 horsepower range and are suitable for short-term outdoor operations.
Owetech is among the leaders in the production of top-quality drill string components for various oil projects. Our drill string component products include, drill pipes, drill collars, Kelly drives, casing pipes, drill pip tools, sucker rods and drilling rig tubing. Our variety of high quality products is what sets us apart from the competition and all of them comply with API standards.
To meet the needs of different oil development projects and specifications of different oil drilling platforms, Owetech designs and manufactures a variety of wellhole equipment, such as hydraulic catheads, air winches, drilling rig spinners,hydraulic power tongs, and power slips. As a trusted oil equipment supplier, Owetech provides not only great oil development tools but also timely product delivery.
Owetech produces a full line of drilling and workover tools to supplement our excellent line of drilling equipment, drilling tools, wellhead equipment and oil extraction equipment. We supply drilling jars, shock absorbers and fishing tools in order to assist in these other oil projects. Our drilling and workover tools come in a variety of models to meet the needs of most oil filed projects.
After drilling has been completed, wellhead equipment must be installed to complete the oil extraction process. Owetech provides a full line of professional grade wellhead equipment for oil extraction. We produce high quality Christmas trees, tubing heads, tubing valves and so on. For more information about our oil equipment and tools please click the corresponding pages or feel free to contact us.