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Drilling Jars and Shock Absorbers

    1. Hydraulic Drilling Jar

      The YSJ type hydraulic drilling jar works by building up hydraulic pressure and releasing it quickly to free your drilling equipment. The workover tool produces better results when used with ZJS type drilling tools.

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It is not uncommon for the drill to stick during drilling workover operations because of complex geological conditions such as wall collapses, fluid flow, ground layer extrusion and improper technical measures taken by operators. Drilling jars and shock absorbers are effective tools in order to prevent sticking incidents. When sticking occurs, the drilling jar exerts an upward or downward shock force at the sticking point to free the machine and solve the problem.

Owetech drilling jars and shock absorbers include hydraulic drilling jars, super fishing jars, jar intensifiers, surface bumper jars and fishing bumper subs. All of our workover tools comply with API standards.