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Drill String Components

    1. Drill Collar

      Owetech drill collars are manufactured under strict conditions in order to meet API Spec7-1 and SY5411 standards. Our spiral drill collar is made from high quality steel with an IF surface heat treatment.

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Owetech is among the leaders in the production of top-quality drill string components for various oil projects. Our drill string component products include, drill pipes, drill collars, Kelly drives, casing pipes, drill pip tools, sucker rods and drilling rig tubing. Our variety of high quality products is what sets us apart from the competition and all of them comply with API standards.

Each of our drill string components are constructed using seamless steel pipes from domestic steel factories. Thanks to quality forging and heat treatments, these pipes feature excellent fatigue resistance and have a long service life. Using our products in your drilling projects effectively ensures that you will have consistent drilling results.