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Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

    1. 450HP Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

      The 450 horsepower truck-mounted drilling rig is specially designed for short operating cycle drilling operations in shallow oil wells no deeper than 3,280 ft (1000m).

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Designed to meet customer needs for oil drilling, water and construction projects, our truck-mounted drilling rigs are produced in five models that you can choose from. These five trailer mounted drilling rigs have a 350-1000 horsepower range and are suitable for short-term outdoor operations.

Our truck-mounted drilling rig features an aesthetically pleasing appearance without sacrificing any functionality. The drill rig boasts a high-torque power head that can be fit with our drill bits and other drill tools. These rigs are commonly used for oil well drilling, water well drilling, core drilling and construction drilling for breaking through loose sediment and gravel.