Professional supplier of oil Assembly

As a supplier to the largest industry in the world, the oil industry, Owetech is proud to call itself one of China’s leading oil equipment specialists. Our company is dedicated to the development and production of well drilling rigs, drilling tools and wellhead equipment among our many other oil drilling products. All of our products comply with API requirements. In addition to our amazing line of products, we also provide complete petroleum engineering services in order to best serve our clients and help them complete their drilling projects.

In addition to our excellent manufacturing capabilities for oil machinery and oil parts, we also work hard to maintain long-term strategic partnerships with a number of major Chinese oil equipment companies. We can provide customers with a one-stop shopping service for all of their oil project needs and we get to know more about the requirements of these customers by working so closely with them.

Owetech has world-class talent when it comes to drilling engineering, drilling equipment and rig control systems. Our industry experts work with a number of petroleum equipment distributors and oil developers in order to optimize technologies and techniques for the purposes of oil extraction. Our equipment and staff have been utilized for many different oil and gas projects, water projects, construction projects and other impressive engineering feats.

    1. Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

      Designed to meet customer needs for oil drilling, water and construction projects, our truck-mounted drilling rigs are produced in five models that you can choose from.

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    1. 450HP Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

      The 450 horsepower truck-mounted drilling rig is specially designed for short operating cycle drilling operations in shallow oil wells no deeper than 3,280 ft (1000m).

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    1. Mast and Substructure

      The mast and substructure make up the primary structural components of a drilling rig setup. Our masts and substructures are designed and manufactured in compliance with API 4F.

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    1. Drill Collar

      Owetech drill collars are manufactured under strict conditions in order to meet API Spec7-1 and SY5411 standards. Our spiral drill collar is made from high quality steel with an IF surface heat treatment.

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    1. Casing (for Drilling Rig)

      Owetech casings for drilling rigs are produced in full accordance with API 5CT casing pipe production standards.

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    1. Air Winch

      Owetech’s air winch is powered by a pneumatic motor that drives the reel through a gear reduction mechanism to achieve heavy lifting, towing, transporting or shipping.

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    1. Casing Elevator/Casing Spider, SE Series

      The SE series of slip elevators can handle casings up to 24.1/2in. The slip spiders are easy to operate and reliable in performance, reducing workloads.

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    1. Hydraulic Drilling Jar

      The YSJ type hydraulic drilling jar works by building up hydraulic pressure and releasing it quickly to free your drilling equipment. The workover tool produces better results when used with ZJS type drilling tools.

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    1. Wellhead and Christmas Tree

      Owetech wellheads and Christmas trees are field proven products that have been designed and produced under strict API Spec 6A quality standards.

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